Kusatsu Weekend – August 2018

Upon arriving in Kusatsu, we practically made a bee-line to the footbath (足湯) to soak our feet for a bit. It is located in the small building in the picture behind Sarina. The water was so hot, but once acclimated, extremely nice. Afterwards, Sarina and I enjoyed exploring and sightseeing in the city with red feet and ankles.

I also took a few photos of the Yubatake — at the area near the spring itself, the water is very mineral-rich and very hot. Leading away from the spring here, there are several wooden “pipes” that channel the spring water to several nearby bath houses, called onsen (温泉). At the far end of the Yubatake, the water is a bit cooler, and takes on a more blue hue. The mineral smell here is definitely present, but not overwhelming. Sarina, however, did not care for it at all.

As is my thing, I found a few new tanuki friends in front of shops in the area around the Yubatake (湯畑), which is the main hot spring at the city’s center.

Finally, we were able to relax over soba and beer at a local restaurant.

After arriving to the hotel, we attempted to head out for archery on the hotel grounds, but we were almost immediately turned away by a sudden downpour of rain. However, the leaden sky made for some dramatic and beautiful photos of the area around the hotel. After drying off and resting for a bit, we spent the afternoon napping, playing video games, and bowling.

After dinner, we retreated back to our room to change clothes and head to the onsen in the hotel. Here, you can see Sarina after visiting the onsen, relaxed and wearing her yukata.

The next day, the weather cooperated a little bit more, and we were able to go visit the outdoor labyrinth and try our hand at archery. I found this handsome dragonfly chilling out. He agreed to let me take his photo.

Of course we also made time to visit the footbath again, on our way out of town. A great weekend for all of us.


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