Recent contents of consciousness – words of insight and inspiration edition – 2018-08-08

For getting distance from your work and thoughts—even on vacation—never underestimate the power of “Doing Nothing”

Take a minute to be present. Taste the moment. “The Alternative to Thinking All the Time”

That recognition is the key: to really taste something, to know the experience, you have to remember that you are experiencing something. If you have cup of coffee or tea next to you while you read this, you might not have even noticed you were drinking it, much less how it tasted.

Nothing compares 2 . . . a short-ish list of useful aphorisms. “22 Personal Eternal Truths”

A short video on Minoru Mukaiya, who composes the short melodies found at many of the train stations in Tokyo (and in other cities across Japan). Some of these melodies combine to form a longer song, if you ride an entire line. “In Tokyo, These Trains Jingle All the Way”

Takanobu Nishimoto is working hard to regain the honor of ossan. “Middle-aged men for rent in Japan” by Susan Scutti and Yoko Wakatsuki


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