Recent Objects of Auditory Consciousness — April 2018 Edition

After watching the documentary (Dis)Honesty: The Truth About Lies by Dan Ariely, I have been listening to some of his other interviews and appearances. Earlier this week, I found episode #198 of the James Altucher Show — Dan Ariely: Where A True, Deep Sense of Accomplishment Comes From — from late 2016. (Overcast link here.) This was my favorite interview with Dr. Ariely so far, because they touch on all of the main topics that he has written about. That said, I really enjoyed the discussion on motivation and how it can be destroyed by bureaucracy, as well as Dr. Ariely’s thoughts on deeper feelings of happiness that comes with developing something. Indeed, this last point has stayed with me since I listened.

Check it out! After you are done with that, you can get more Dan Ariely in your life by watching his 6(!) TED Talks or reading his 6 books!

My second big find this week was a fascinating episode of A Neuroscientist Explains podcast, where host Dr. Daniel Glaser interviewed Cognitive Science Professor Anil Seth about where perception ends and hallucination begins. (Overcast link here.) Not to be too click-baity, but the answer was quite surprising.

Here again, you can visit Dr. Seth’s website for links to his many writings, talks, and media appearances — including his 2017 TED Talk on the same topic and a much deeper 3-hour interview about consciousness with Sam Harris on the Waking Up podcast.


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