Recent objects of auditory consciousness — March 2018 edition

A quick update about what I have been listening to.


Kerrang! published their list of 16 great post-rock albums, and it is worth a listen. As you could probably predict, this best albums list includes my favorite band, Mono, as well as some other well-known favorites like This Will Destroy You, Russian Circles, Do Make Say Think, and Explosions In The Sky. Lots of others that I have never heard of, but I will slowly make my way through.

In other news, Mono are also set to play Robert Smith’s Meltdown in June. Other headliners include: Nine Inch Nails,  Mogwai, Placebo, Deftones, and Alcest. This year’s Meltdown will take place at London’s Southbank Centre venues from June 15-24. This looks like it will be a ridiculous show!


The first item on my list of recent podcast recommendations is a new one to me, too. I haven’t listened to every episode of The After On Podcast, as I already have way too much stuff to consume as it is. Also, I won’t say that every episode I have consumed is equally interesting, though YMMV. What host Rob Reid does very well, however, is getting some very interesting guests to interview. Indeed, his last few episodes have been very impressive, particularly episode 21 with the fascinating Mary Lou Jepsen (Neural Imaging and … TELEPATHY?!), and episode 22 with guest David Eagleman (Creating the 6th, 7th & 8th Sense?).

As with most of Mr. Reid’s podcasts, the subject matter here is the power of technology, with an eye towards the possibilities that could open up to us in the very near future. I highly recommend checking both of these episodes out — and be sure to stay tuned to listen to the final thoughts and wrap up at the end, where Mr. Reid shares some really insightful discussion. Also, check out Mary Lou Jepsen’s TED Talk on the capabilities of devices in the future.

One of the shows that is in regular rotation (and often moved up to the front of the queue) is The Talk Show with John Gruber. His recent episode #217: ‘Our Name Is Our Address’, with special guest Jason Kottke was really good. If you don’t know Jason Kottke, he runs one of the oldest and most interesting blogs on the internet—one of the few that I regularly visit directly for all of the interesting stuff that he is serving up hot every day. In this episode of The Talk Show, they talk about a lot of behind-the-scenes work and stories that they have experienced throughout their respective blogging careers. Definite recommend if you are a fan of their work, or if you were one of the lucky people who enjoyed the blogosphere back in the day.

Roderick on the Line, ep. 278: Felix. The quote from John Roderick on this episode that stuck with me for days: “Panicking feels like action. You know, it feels like you’re engaged. It feels like you’re doing something to be in a state of anxious stress all the time.”

So true.




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