Disagreements abound on priorities for addressing employment and work problems in Japan

Interesting article in Nikkei Asian Review today that really underscores the lack of congruence among companies, workers, and the Japanese government regarding how to improve the dysfunctional work culture here in Japan. The laundry list of issues is impressive: low and/or unequal pay, excessive work hours, lack of work-life balance or family-friendly work policies, inefficient processes, outdated employment laws, or even equal access to the work market.

After reading each group’s respective concerns, it is quite understandable that there is so little agreement about what question they are even trying to answer. Likewise, when you see how entrenched each party is regarding their perspective on the nature of the problem and who should be responsible for finding a solution, it probably should not be surprising to see how long each of these conversations has been going on.


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