Three Days a Monk — A Rough Guide

So, where are we going from here?

Well, I’ve got some ideas on that. There are already many great blogs, websites, podcasts, and videos out there that deal with many topics I will want to talk about (e.g., Japan, foreigner experiences in Japan, food porn). I will surely share what I find out there, along with my own thoughts. As I said in my first post, this is going to be a journey. In the short-term, I’m planning to write about my adventures and my adjustment to this culture in a way that I really couldn’t in 2000, as well as news and other ephemera that make some waves in the world.

In the interest of brevity, however, here’s a bulleted list of the things I’m considering:

Topics for regular, short-form consideration:

  • Employment in Japan
    • My job hunting experience
    • Thoughts on English education and training & development in Japan
    • Olympics 2020 in Tokyo — where can I fit in and what can I do to better position myself to help?
  • Japanese language study, and my progress with re-learning the language
  • Meditation and contemplative practice
  • Current events, both here in Japan, as well as in the U.S.
  • What is Ken doing/seeing/eating/drinking
  • Culture shock
  • Engrish and Japanese cultural oddities

Occasional, medium- and long-form topics

  • Adventures in Japan — good and bad – maybe more long-form
    • Banking — opening a bank account, bank books, crazy ATMs
    • Housing — finding a place to rent, and how to afford it
    • Moving/immigrating to Japan
  • Diet
    • How exactly does one stay on a low-carb, gluten-free diet in Japan?
    • All the great dietary traditions in Japan

Future directions

  • Nerd conferences in Japan
    • Paper/pens/stationery
    • Apps/Games
      • Is Evernote still a thing?
      • Electronic dictionaries and other tools for learning Japanese language
    • Car culture
    • Anime/manga
  • Possible podcast?
    • Interviewing other foreigners about their experiences
    • Interviewing experts about intercultural adaptation and integration, language, job hunting, Japanese language study, etc.

If there’s something that you are interested in but can’t find listed above, please let me know!


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